We are raw and considerate. We care about people and the environment. We see all people as equal but the market as unequal. We want to offer everyone the same opportunities. We don’t rip people off. We care about natural ingredients. We respect the Pachamama. We have nothing to hide. We are on the right side of history. We are not simply idealistic – we’re also pragmatic. We can see a better way and are using our privilege and knowledge to make it happen. We are honest in our intentions and interactions. With you. With others. With ourselves. We express with all we have. We collaborate. We are the connectors, the facilitators, the humble and able middle-people between rural and commercial, between farmers and consumers, between skin and essential oils. We understand the needs of our consumers, the needs of workers, and how to bring them together. We see common ground. We want to help. We are sensitive, we are hard-working, we feel and love and know what feels good, but we also understand life’s struggles – as a worker and a consumer. We are warm, raw, sensual and rugged. We are a coconut – both rough and delicious. We are the gentle, calloused-handed farmer with the musty smell and warming smile. We encourage you. Stay informed. Express. Collaborate. Say hello. Be the future. Beam like the sun.