Charcoal & Tea Tree
100% Plant-based

  • Detoxifies to begin afresh.
  • Ultra-Hydrating shea butter base.
  • Rich in nourishing vitamin E.
  • Supports emerging communities.
  • Honest & Natural, as standard.

£5.95 / 100gr

All Poapoa purchases are handmade at source by local producers earning more because of you.


Soap bars are back! This marbled marvel cleanses with just five outstanding natural ingredients. Shea butter, virgin coconut, castor oil & tea tree essential oil form an ultra-hydrating, vitamin E rich base highlighted by cream, nut & spice overtones. Ultra-absorbent charcoal provides a detoxifying & exfoliating finish. Feel clean & soft no matter your skin type. Natural, handmade soap, harmless to skin & planet.


Our bottles are 100% recyclable or reusable.
Fill with acrylic paint or home-pressed oils
but please keep out of landfill.