Ylang Ylang & Tea Tree
100% Plant-based
Body Wash

  • Revives & energises
  • Rich in nourishing vitamin E.
  • Spicy, floral scent invigorates mind & body.
  • Supports emerging communities.
  • Honest & Natural, as standard.

£13.95 £6.97 / 200ml

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Tea Tree Oil | Ylang Ylang Oil


An invigorating blend of ylang ylang & tea tree essential oils on a vitamin E rich, ultra-hydrating coconut oil base to purify & heal tired or irritated skin. A spicy, floral scent clears airways, relieves stress & enlivens mind, preparing you for anything. Harmless to skin & planet.

Our bottles are 100% recyclable or reusable.
Fill with acrylic paint or home-pressed oils
but please keep out of landfill.